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    Raw foods abstain from eating foods that have been cooked. They do not eat any food that has been heated to a temperature higher than 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Going on a raw food diet can be challenging if you like eating cooked foods. However, you can go on this diet if you want to lose weight since raw foods usually have lower calories than cooked foods. The following are helpful raw food diet tips for weight loss.
    Learn about the types of raw foods to eat
    A raw food diet plan consists of eating many types of food that you are already familiar with. They include a wide variety of raw vegetable and fruits as well as seeds, nut butters, nuts, unpasteurized dairy products and sprouted grains. Others include raw meats like streak tartar and cold cured or smoked meats, raw cheese and raw soups, sweeteners like honey and condiments among others.

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    Eat alkaline raw foods
    Choosing to eat more alkaline foods instead of acid foods will help you lose weight faster. Examples of alkalizing foods are green vegetables and herbs. Fruits are slightly acid forming or neutral. Most seeds and nuts are slightly acidic.
    Eat organic foods
    Organic foods contain more nutrients including alkalizing minerals than foods that are not grown organically. Therefore eating more organic foods is a great way to speed up weight loss.
    Eat delicious foods
    In order to succeed on a raw food weight loss diet, you should choose delicious foods. Make sure that you purchase the freshest, most delicious raw foods and then use the best recipes to prepare them.
    Always be prepared
    Healthy raw foods are not yet readily available everywhere. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare your own food ahead of time. Having raw food with you always will help you avoid resorting to other foods that will ruin your weight loss goals

    Drink plenty of water
    When on a raw food weight loss diet, you should aim to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water daily. For instance, if you weigh 200 pounds, you should drink 100 ounces of water. This is about twelve 8-ounce glasses or twelve cups. Avoid drinking beverages like coffee, soda and bottled or canned fruit juices.
    Exercising is essential for health and weight loss. You can increase your metabolism further by adding strength training a few times a week. Other great exercises to perform include running, jogging, walking and riding a bicycle.
    Get adequate sleep
    Make it your priority to get a good night’s sleep every night. When you are asleep, your body restores itself and replenishes the hormones that can further assist you in your weight loss efforts. When you get adequate sleep, you will also have more energy during the day to exercise more.
    Losing weight does not have to be full of denial, pain or difficulties. You can lose weight without feeling hungry and improve your health if you go on a raw food weight loss diet and follow the tips mentioned above. The other important thing you should do to enhance your health is to consult with a doctor regularly. It is important to apply for a European Health Insurance card if you do not have one. If you have an european medical card , you will be able to gain access to foreign medical aid at no cost or at a reduced fee. The treatment that this card covers depends on the country you are traveling to. However, in most countries, you will be provided with medical care until you are fit to travel back home. You will also be covered if you have preexisting ailments such as heart disease and diabetes.

    Best Fat Burners

    green tea fat burner

    Weight loss is becoming a big issue in the United States alone. The increasing number of people and the people wanting to look slim and fit are the primary reasons why fat burners are increasingly becoming popular. Pharmaceutical companies tend to introduce weight loss products and make claims for the best fat burners available in the market. Although fat burners can actually help you lose weight, there is no 100% best fat burner as weight loss depends on person-to-person.

    The best fat burners for a certain group of people may not work on you. The human body differs in terms of personal uniqueness and body conditions. This makes it impossible to find the best fat burners for everyone. As such, the best fat burner program created specifically for your personal condition can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

    fat burner images

    How to Find the Best Fast Burners

    Fat burners are formulated to help break down the excess fat off from the body, allowing you to lose weight. If you are in the market and shopping for a fat burner, you will encounter different weight loss products. When shopping for the best fat burner for weight loss, the product should meet certain criteria such as:


    •  The fat burner for weight loss must have the capability to break down the stored fat off from the body and use it as energy.
    • •The fat burner product must work by increasing your metabolism. Through increased metabolism, your body can get rid of excess fat naturally without making your existing cells to get larger.
    •  The weight loss product must be FDA approved. In addition, it’s safe to choose fat burners recommended by certain health organizations or groups that push the weight loss advocacy.


    green tea fat burner

    Green Tea

    The best fat burners for weight loss could be the products that are easier to obtain and convenient to use. The most common example of natural fat burner is Green Tea. This product contains a high level of antioxidant, polyphenols that increase that body’s metabolism rate and allow your calories intake to be used as energy. Green Tea can also benefit the body by helping strengthen your immune system.

    Yerba Mate

    Natural fat burners have significant health benefits. Yerba Mate has high properties of natural chemicals and vitamins that can help the body stay healthy. This natural burner has a balanced combination of chemicals and vitamins that can keep the body fit and healthy through increasing its fat burning ability.

    Ketogenic Fat Burners

    Natural fat burners are non-addictive and can help reduce anxiety and enhances good mood. Ketogenic fat burners are known to increase the body’s metabolic rate and its fat burning ability.

    The best part about natural fat burners is that they are easy to find, in addition to being effective and safe to use. But, it never hurts to consult your doctor first before you decide to use the best fat burner. With the help of your doctor, you can determine your body’s unique condition and be able to find the best fat burner product to use.


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