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    Do you desire a book that contains information about attaining six-pack abs? Better yet, abook that will tell you how to achieve a six-pack without making bulls**t claims? Then the “Truth About Six-Pack Abs” is the ebook for you! The author, Mike Geary, is a well-known in the health and fitness community. He is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. Mike has trained several celebrities and countless other people as well as appeared on several TV shows and newspaper. In other words, the author has the credentials to write this type of book. So does he practice what he preaches?

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    From the looks of his picture, seems like he does! Nonetheless, looks can be deceiving. In some of these fitness magazines, steroid-induced bodybuilders give out the worst advice in regards on how to get in shape. Therefore, because someone looks the part of a fitness guru, personal training certification or not, doesn’t mean they give quality fitness & health advice. In the “The Truth AboutAbs” ebook, the author delivers quality advice. The following review will breakdown how that is the case.


    Does this book really tell the truth about getting six-pack abs?


    Getting straight to the point regarding the above question, yes it does. For years, countless fitness and health companies have been taking advantage of people’s desire to have six-pack abs immediately. They will sell so-call magic pills, bogus supplements and useless ab machines in order to a dollar off of their impatience. With the “The Truth About Abs”, those scam tactics are exposed. In the beginning of the book, Mike clearly states that this isn’t a quick fix or “get six-pack abs” overnight type of book. Instead, he explains that have making long-term changes to your lifestyle will help achieve six-pack abs.

    The following are several true fitness statements he made in the book:

    • Regardless of age or gender, men and women are bound to the same laws of physics in terms of burning fat
    • Everyone has six-pack abs. It’s just most people have a layer of body fat on their stomach that is hiding them
    • It’s pointless to spend your money on fat-burning supplements because they don’t work
    • Ab-machines, especially the ones sold on infomercials, are useless. They just use chiseled fitness models (who didn’t use to product to get in shape) to sell their product.
    • Following a quality nutritional plan is 80% what it takes to see your abs
    • Doing countless hours on the treadmill or other forms of cardio aren’t the best way to burn fat and uncover your six-pack
    • Doing just crunches, sit-ups, planks and other ab-specific exercises won’t automatically reveal your abs
    • Most so-called health foods are really junk food
    • Long-term commitment will be needed in order to reveal and maintain six-pack abs


    How effective or beneficial is The Truth About Abs program to my overall health?


    The effectiveness or benefits you receive from this program depends on your level of commitment to it. In the beginning of the book, Mike lists foods that will you need to include in your diet plan as well as a workout plan based on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Both the food and workout plan will work together to boost your metabolism. With an elevated metabolism, your body is more adept to burning body fat at a faster rate throughout the week!Being committed to eating properly and performing these workouts several times per weekis essential to revealing six-pack abs.

    Also, depending on how age, gender, genetics and most importantly, body fat percentage, determines how quickly you achieve desired results. For one person, 30lb fat loss is needed to see their six-pack. For you, it may be 35lb or just 15lb of body fat to lose. The point is being dedicated till conclusion of the program is the only way to maximize its effectiveness and see results.


    Who is this program suitable for? Need to buy any exercise equipment?


    Do you have a heart pulse? If so, then this The Truth About Abs program is suitable for you! Men and women, young and old, can try this program out. One of the best aspects about this program is that you don’t need to go to the gym. The workout routines can be done in the comforts of your own home due to most being predominantly bodyweight exercises. The only 2 exercise equipment that is recommended to purchase is a stability ball and a pair of adjustable dumbbells. Of course, you need to buy The Truth About Abs ebook as well.


    Have anybody got results off of this program?


    Are you asking me have anybody actually gotten results by following The Truth About Abs program? It is the same answer as if you asked me is LeBron James a great basketball player…..YES! But instead of babbling any further about how others achieve results from this book, I will let you see and read for yourself.


    Leith Carnie from Australia (Went from 25% to 11% body fat)

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    From Scooby on Amazon.com customer review:

    This a quality book that fully details how to eat healthy, not diet. I was struggling to lose weight (I started at 225lb) so I got The Truth About Abs program to see what would happen. After starting at 215lb, I managed to get down to 185lb after 5 months of using the program. The workout program was superb as I only went to gym 1-3 days per week. I highly recommend this ebook to anyone looking to get into great shape.


    Should I buy this book?

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    A wise man once told me, “Invest in something that will give you a return in the long run.” With that said, I definitely recommend purchasing this book, especially if you have been having a time losing weight. Again, to maximize the effectiveness of The Truth About Abs program, commitment is a must. So if you want to wake up with a six-pack tomorrow, don’t waste your money. But if you are tired of quick-fix gimmicks and willing to EARN the body of your dreams, then I strongly recommend this book!


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    Best Fat Burners

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    Weight loss is becoming a big issue in the United States alone. The increasing number of people and the people wanting to look slim and fit are the primary reasons why fat burners are increasingly becoming popular. Pharmaceutical companies tend to introduce weight loss products and make claims for the best fat burners available in the market. Although fat burners can actually help you lose weight, there is no 100% best fat burner as weight loss depends on person-to-person.

    The best fat burners for a certain group of people may not work on you. The human body differs in terms of personal uniqueness and body conditions. This makes it impossible to find the best fat burners for everyone. As such, the best fat burner program created specifically for your personal condition can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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    How to Find the Best Fast Burners

    Fat burners are formulated to help break down the excess fat off from the body, allowing you to lose weight. If you are in the market and shopping for a fat burner, you will encounter different weight loss products. When shopping for the best fat burner for weight loss, the product should meet certain criteria such as:


    •  The fat burner for weight loss must have the capability to break down the stored fat off from the body and use it as energy.
    • •The fat burner product must work by increasing your metabolism. Through increased metabolism, your body can get rid of excess fat naturally without making your existing cells to get larger.
    •  The weight loss product must be FDA approved. In addition, it’s safe to choose fat burners recommended by certain health organizations or groups that push the weight loss advocacy.


    green tea fat burner

    Green Tea

    The best fat burners for weight loss could be the products that are easier to obtain and convenient to use. The most common example of natural fat burner is Green Tea. This product contains a high level of antioxidant, polyphenols that increase that body’s metabolism rate and allow your calories intake to be used as energy. Green Tea can also benefit the body by helping strengthen your immune system.

    Yerba Mate

    Natural fat burners have significant health benefits. Yerba Mate has high properties of natural chemicals and vitamins that can help the body stay healthy. This natural burner has a balanced combination of chemicals and vitamins that can keep the body fit and healthy through increasing its fat burning ability.

    Ketogenic Fat Burners

    Natural fat burners are non-addictive and can help reduce anxiety and enhances good mood. Ketogenic fat burners are known to increase the body’s metabolic rate and its fat burning ability.

    The best part about natural fat burners is that they are easy to find, in addition to being effective and safe to use. But, it never hurts to consult your doctor first before you decide to use the best fat burner. With the help of your doctor, you can determine your body’s unique condition and be able to find the best fat burner product to use.


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